musicstep gives aspiring artists the opportunity to contact music industry professionals directly. Receive feedback on your submissions and increase your skill with the help of experts.

Text Feedback is a structured textual feedback. The label, manager or artist evaluates the submission with different criteria. You also receive a comment and a response, if the label or manager wants a collaboration. You can also choose to receive a video feedback.

Another feedback type, where you can start a live session with the label, manager or artist.

Contact the artist, label or manager directly and ask or answer questions.

Contact us via or message us via Facebook. We response as fast as possible!

Please use the chat room to send a link to your music, if someone asks for more music. We sent you a link to the chat room.

You will receive feedback within 30 days.

We accept payments only via paypal. To use paypal, it is not necessary to have a paypal account. Paypal accepts credit cards as well.

The communication will be held via email. A registration is not needed.

Please convert your music into the right format.

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